Saturday, July 17, 2010

Harim's Warehouse Sale....

So called Warehouse sale...hehehe..
saje berangan.

Okay, without further ado, I'm letting go some of my makeup that I have no intention to use. So, sebelom make up2 ini jadi pekasam, better sell it to those who might find it useful for them. 

Terms and Conditions:
1.Price are not negotiable (cause I'm giving good price one, cheaper than retail)
2.Customers are responsible for postage.
3.Allow 5 days delivery (would be lesser if I'm not packed with work)
4. I'm not responsible for any lost/damage/etc in postage. 
5.All stuff sold are not refundable, and all stuff are still in good condition never been open or used.
6.Please email me for more details on the stuff you are interested in at with subject: Harim's Warehouse Sale (cause I always got confuse with spam and real email when people just give me email with subject Hi, so to avoid me deleting those emails, put the subject like that ya darling) or just drop your query at this comment section.thank youuuu.

Alrighty, so here goes, I don't have much stuff, but I would like to clear these below.

1. RMK Liquid Foundation / code 103 / 1.5ml / RM 15 both

2. Elianto Nail Color / code Sunny Day / 14ml / RM5

3. Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner / code Ice Blue / RM10

4. Cyber Colors Cosmos Eyeshadow / code 02 Earth / 2.5g / RM35

5. Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lipgloss / code 06 Juicy Orange / 10ml / RM15

6. Body Shop Delipscious Lipstick / code05 Sheer Elderberry / RM40

7. Maybelline Angelfit Liquid Foundation / code 02 Natural Buff / 18ml / RM25

8.Beautilicious 6 Pie Pan e/s refill & Maxi Pie Pan case / you can choose 6 colours / RM35

So, for the first FOUR customer, you are entitled to choose and get one free gift from below, first come first serve.



Mari membeli :D


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stage RM18 Promotion

Stage is having RM18 promotion for these product below:

4.Cream foundation
5.Liquid foundation
6.Eye and make up remover
3.Eye Shadow (another promo for e/s are buy 3, get one free, and the palette is at 40% off)

And I think there's a couple of stuff, I forgot...but check out Stage outlet near you. The one I saw was at Pavilion and I had put my order for the liquid foundation already as they are out of stock for it.
I didn't get to snap a picture of the promotional advert at their outlet.Sorry...but this is a no kidding one.

The original price for the liquid foundation (for my dark circle) is RM60+ ...and now I can get it for RM18?? amazing right.

I went to Pavi to get my free Salabianca bracelet...okay lah I punye, check it out.

As I was at Pavilion I went on to Parkson Estee Lauder counter to redeem my Hydrationist sample, I got a mailer to collect it. I haven't try it yet, but I love the service I got from the s/a...She was so friendly and so nice...She even said, "lainkali kalau dapat apa2 mailer ke sms suruh ambik sample, datang sini lagi ye".
How nice is that? so welcoming too.Sesuai betul dia jadi s/a kan.

I also received my sample for FB Johnson and Johnson body cute one the sample... I love the smell, nice, and it's not sticky like other J&J lotion that I've tried.

And along with the sample, they included Amante Spa discount voucher, where I can get one of these 3 treatments:
1.Nailtek Spa Manicure at only RM25 (nett price RM85)
2.Christian Breton Supreme Whitening Facial Treatment at only RM71 (nett price RM238)
3. Aromatherapy Body Massage for 60min at only RM23 (nett price RM78)

So, guess, which one I will choose?? heheeh...


Saturday, July 03, 2010

What Do We Do When It Sales??

This is the only time I can afford to buy branded stuff at my own expenses. 
I called myself a bargain hunter and I don't want to say that I got things cheap, but prefer things at affordable price. 

Saving money for some exciting trip soon *husshhhhh*

Whenever it's the sale period...
I can go really crazy although my purchased is not as many as it may sound. hoho...
Thanks to Tammy for her prompt alert, I went to Triple Crown at One Utama yesterday to get some birthday gifts. 
And today, after changing my bro's Swatch battery at KLCC, I walked around hoping to get something for an aunt. Yay, luckily found.

So, here is my haul for this week.
Total price after discounted: RM 88.
Total original price: RM433

Can you believe it? 

1.Blue Roxy Bag
2. Female magazine (free RMK foundation)
3. Body Shop Shower Gel (promotion at KLCC concourse level now)
4.Roxy Silvermoon t-shirt
5. Lasenza Lola & Coco boxer (this one is mine!)

can fit magazine one

you know what logo is this? :P

don't be fool by the price there ...he he he

i love the string there.

yummy smell of body gel.

I'm so thrilled that I was not in the PTPTN blacklisted students when I checked my status yesterday.
It means, I can go anywhere outside Malaysia...and 2 exciting holiday trips are awaiting for me already. weeee...

tired tired tired.
need to sleep, ill push myself for thesis writing..seriously!
the engine has started, and the journey will come. . . i can do it!