Saturday, July 03, 2010

What Do We Do When It Sales??

This is the only time I can afford to buy branded stuff at my own expenses. 
I called myself a bargain hunter and I don't want to say that I got things cheap, but prefer things at affordable price. 

Saving money for some exciting trip soon *husshhhhh*

Whenever it's the sale period...
I can go really crazy although my purchased is not as many as it may sound. hoho...
Thanks to Tammy for her prompt alert, I went to Triple Crown at One Utama yesterday to get some birthday gifts. 
And today, after changing my bro's Swatch battery at KLCC, I walked around hoping to get something for an aunt. Yay, luckily found.

So, here is my haul for this week.
Total price after discounted: RM 88.
Total original price: RM433

Can you believe it? 

1.Blue Roxy Bag
2. Female magazine (free RMK foundation)
3. Body Shop Shower Gel (promotion at KLCC concourse level now)
4.Roxy Silvermoon t-shirt
5. Lasenza Lola & Coco boxer (this one is mine!)

can fit magazine one

you know what logo is this? :P

don't be fool by the price there ...he he he

i love the string there.

yummy smell of body gel.

I'm so thrilled that I was not in the PTPTN blacklisted students when I checked my status yesterday.
It means, I can go anywhere outside Malaysia...and 2 exciting holiday trips are awaiting for me already. weeee...

tired tired tired.
need to sleep, ill push myself for thesis writing..seriously!
the engine has started, and the journey will come. . . i can do it!



cuna said...

wowww...syoknye shopping. roxy bag tu how much? it's in blue man! geramnye tengok!

Harim Hamdan said...

da abis da cuna!

i dtg balik, tgk bag tu da tade