Thursday, August 19, 2010

FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sale!!!!!!!!!!


its this sale again.i remember my previous purchased at these sales, Guess watches!
real bargain...nowhere can get that price.

must go must go...with Lasenza some more..OMG, habis lah hari raya aku.
okay, I think I'll go to help a friend purchase Guess watch only, and luksie luksie Lasenza...but I'm not going to buy watch again...tapi kalau tetibe diorang lelong pulak jam, beli la kot...tengok la keadaan.

tapi priority given to my friend whom wearing a Tissot watch which look like a girl's watch...haha..dah la kawan I tuh, lelaki yang berbadan gempal dan besar, pakai jam kecik.

*hint: I tengah kumpul duit nak pegi cuti2 coming November :D

yang ni nak kena pergi seawal sebelum subuh dan bersahur disana juga ke?
*teringat EL sale, tak sanggupppp* :P
just to let u know, this sale is suitable for those who wants to get watches, handbags, lasenzas, etc. but i don't really bother with all the baju bajan...i think macam still out of my league the price. better focus on lasenza, but have to que in front of lasenza corner....
so, whose going?



Anonymous said...

Hi Harim, it's me mimichomell from SNS.. r u going on Fri morn? can i tag along with you??

Nurul Husna said...

harim, is it worth going to buy a guess watch? how much was it before? how many percent discount?

SheTreasures said...

Wahh, I menggigil now.


Harim Hamdan said...

husna:murah babe, jam dia paling murah , imagine, retail price was RM500+ , i beli for only RM150...mase i tgk jam tu ada(i dah keep eyeing the watch since kat store dia, memang suke design tuh)i terus grab cepat2...serious berbaloi!

shetreasures: haha...tu lah, mesti pegi ni beb

Nurul Husna said...

harim, how's the crowd today???? byk tak guess watch on sale????

Harim Hamdan said...

i tak jadi pegi nurul. something came up.
but my friend yang pergi ckp jam guess lelaki murah2...dia dapat beli rm80 only. model dia ok lah, tka lah outdated sangat.