Saturday, August 14, 2010

Warehouse sale at 7.30am in the morning

hey everyone, how's puasa for my muslim's friends?

hopefully everything goes well.
i just came back from Estee Lauder warehouse sale this morning at 9am....went there around 5am as me and my friend over slept even though we had alarm clock screaming at our ears!
*i only woke up after i got a text from tammy   asking where the heck i was.she texted me at around 3 something but i only feel my phone keep on vibrating at 4! LOL...

so after membeli mcdonalds for sahur, kite orang terus pergi ke tempat itu.
nasib baik the crowd was still ok lah, tak sampai kat tangga lagi.
but the inside crowd was really crazy! nak lemas dibuatnya.

as you know me, i only shop for my friends and some stuff for me and mom. tak banyak pun our total purchase, around rm500. oklah kan.
im sure u are dying to cuci mata on what we got..hehe...ok jap i take pictures of them.

haaa tu diaaa...tak lah banyak mane pun..i told u. most of the items are for mine is the medium size red box (lipstick set), i got extra one more....and mom's the lotion there. also got one more extra. so whoever want those extra can buy...

Sean John Unforgivable Woman body lotion - RM40

M.A.C lipstick set (2 lipstick, 1 mini lipglass, 1 pouch) - RM50

Clinique Derma White set (travelling size) RM40

*please note the above stuff are for sell except the first picture

so  after we done selecting what we want, we went for the cashier and it was efficient and systematic. no que at all. not like the watson warehouse sale! booo cashier que for watson warehouse sale! XD

so far, i like the sale...
only i don't like the crowd lah, which is too many at one time.
but the product and things that i got were on bargain....some of my friends said the price is not so cheap, but surely cheaper than counter.
i'm happy with my purchase :)



Shaz said...

Harim, boleh tunjuk what's inside the big box tu tak?the ones yg ada curler tu..i would like to see the whole set if you dont mind, saja nak cuci mata :) thanks!

Harim Hamdan said...

hi shaz...owh yang tu Estee Lauder set, its not mine. my friend punya. so tak dapat nak bukak and show to you.

but inside got e/s pallete, lipstick, lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner, eyelash curler, tote bag, all are full size for rm80 only.

SheTreasures said...

I was there at 7.30, and pergh crowds were crazy already.

Too bad I can't get my hands on that MAC LIPSTICK set.

Jealous u dapat.


Lina said...

i want to buy the MAC lipstick harim.. boleh tak? ;)

Harim Hamdan said...

Girls, letting go the MAC lipstick..
please contact me here if u girls interested. only got one, so siapa cepat dia dapat :D