Monday, August 02, 2010

I won.....

Clinique All About Eyes Serum from the Clinique All About Eyes Contest I entered a few weeks ago. I was thinking to buy Kiehly's eye cream that I really really like. Ya, I took such long time to buy these expensive product...I dah pakai sample dia twice...I like it cause it gave this warm effect on the eyes when applied.

Rasa macam product tu betul betul berkesan..haha..
But not just that lah, memang I saw the difference a bit. So, now I have the eye serum, I pakai tu sampai habis dulu, then I beli Kiehlys ok tak?
tak lah membazir kan? Pembaziran adalah dilarang sama sekali dalam Islam ;)

Owh, and finally finally finally, I got my hands on this one!

RMK make up base/primer. Ya Allah, lame betul nak buat decision which primer to buy. I heard M.A.C also nice. And before I tried smashbox, love the silica gel effect, smoother. Then the other day, I went to RMK to redeem my free makeover voucher that I got in my goodie bag from an event I attended at KLCC a couple of months before. So, Yas, RMK new s/a introduce me to this that and this. He told me that their type of primer are best for dry skin and pore less like me. Really happy with this thing..heeeeee...


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mIZz *.* aYNa said...

congarats harim... mane pic, nak tgk, hehehe =P