Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flower Paperwork

A while ago, my cousin told me about her little artwork project which called Flower Paperwork. It's a place where brides to be can find their services useful for the big days. Flower Paperwork offers a lot of creative and personal touch from wedding invitation cards to the tiny little bits of art decoration for door gifts, wedding favors, etc.

Please visit her blog for more information and pictures of her work. Thank you!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Chocolate Cats and All Things Strange giveaway

Fatin at is organizing a giveaway for her first blog birthday. You guys can still join the contest and take the chance to grab amazing prizes! Click here to go directly to the contest post

All you need to do is to choose one photo and put captions for it. Is that simple? owh yeah, you need to be the blog's follower too.
Dateline of contest is on 27th September 2010.

So down here is my entry:

Photo B

Garfield: Can you get me more Starbucks black coffee, you drank mine and I am still sleepy

Fatin: Wait until all the photographers go home lah Garf-ling. I need your coffee for this occasion here.Plus I look all set and pwetty, so please don't ruin my moment ;)

Crossing my fingers for these fatintastic prize!!


Selamat Hari Raya semua!!

Hi everyone, sorry for the very delay post and updates.(typical stuff to say when blogger went under the sea for a while :P )

I've been busy with office work.

My Hari Raya was quite nice I might say. We went back to Sri Iskandar by ETS (the new train in town, and no that's not the long term for ETS)
Disebabkan I am still studying, I also received duit raya! huhu....boleh tahan jugak collection tahun nih :D

family kitorang ramai girls, plus yang laki2 banyak pemalu bile bergambar 

After the first 3 most crucial days of Hari Raya, I took a week off from office and school work. Went back to the office yesterday. And today, my laptop breath happily with of course the life support of it's externals. 
Laptop crashed a few days before raya. Really really terminally sad that time. If I want to replace it, have to fork out some cash, which I really can't afford at the moment. Lucky me, laptop ni still nak berkhidmat for me. I'm so glad. Even with the small screen size, and externals supports here and there, I hope I can finish up my school work while it's still okay.

Weird Hari Raya picture of me :P

i luv this picture!