Friday, September 24, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya semua!!

Hi everyone, sorry for the very delay post and updates.(typical stuff to say when blogger went under the sea for a while :P )

I've been busy with office work.

My Hari Raya was quite nice I might say. We went back to Sri Iskandar by ETS (the new train in town, and no that's not the long term for ETS)
Disebabkan I am still studying, I also received duit raya! huhu....boleh tahan jugak collection tahun nih :D

family kitorang ramai girls, plus yang laki2 banyak pemalu bile bergambar 

After the first 3 most crucial days of Hari Raya, I took a week off from office and school work. Went back to the office yesterday. And today, my laptop breath happily with of course the life support of it's externals. 
Laptop crashed a few days before raya. Really really terminally sad that time. If I want to replace it, have to fork out some cash, which I really can't afford at the moment. Lucky me, laptop ni still nak berkhidmat for me. I'm so glad. Even with the small screen size, and externals supports here and there, I hope I can finish up my school work while it's still okay.

Weird Hari Raya picture of me :P

i luv this picture!


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