Saturday, November 06, 2010

An Awesome SHOPPING Get Away

I went for Bandung for  4 days shopping, shopping trip semata mata.
If you are saying you have had "shop till you drop" shopping in KL, wait until you reach Bandung, then you know what is the real meaning of "shop till you drop"   ;)

The prices are at least half cheaper than in KL.
I got Zara's bubble sleeves jacket for only RM50. Other tops cost below RM40 brands like MNG, Bershka, Esprit, Old Navy, etc.

Below are the piccas! 
ada lagi pictures kat my friend, so have to wait k.

So finally, the long awaiting trip, there I was, standing at Bandara Husein Sastranegara Airport! weee!

When we arrived, it was already 7pm local time, therefore we only went to Toko 3 and strolled along the street, bumped into this interesting snack.

outside is kulit popiya, goreng

with inside, banana.sedap!

Pasar Baru
the next day, we decided to go to Pasar Baru to buy some kain ela and telekung.
I got telekung at around RM30 each! 

Obral means sale! 25000 Rupiah equals to RM8, the guy there gave me all the kain for rm8 per meter...ngeh ngeh ngeh.

"mas, murah lagi mas, saya datang jauh dari KL mau ke sini"

outside Pasar Baru

 After a hectic shopping at Pasar Baru ( masa tu ingatkan da hectic, rupenye belum ye, belum jejak ke FO lagi) we went for lunch at Pak Chi Met Resto. I got recommendation from other bloggers, so I tried, and agree that the food was absolutely delish! 

my lunch set came along with this fresh Frestea drink!

look at the exterior of the outside dining.interesting kan.kitorang makan kat outside.

BEHOLD! the most yummylicious Ikan Garume Bakar! after baca2 dekat blog, finally dapat jugak rasa tekak ni dengan ikan garume yang famous nih.ngeh!

kawan I lagi best, nasi dia ada ikan bakar also sotong bakar.perrgghhhh..

another sip or two of frestea...

Dengan ini, saya melantik diri sendiri menjadi Duta Pak Chi Met Resto .. kah kah kah


lepas tu sambung jalan ke Rumah best best! second best after The Secret :D

They also got cafe to chill, especially for guys whose waiting for the girls to shop.

 beginilah rupe kawasan Rumah Mode

this is outside Rumah Mode entrance

Ibuk ibuk dari Jakarta

one of the streets in Bandung

this guy was selling drinks, snacks whenever the car stop for red lights.

station minyak mereka

the entrance of The Secret

haul of the day, tapi ni sikit jugak compare other bloggers which ive seen penoh satu katil,
tak tipu! kah kah kah

The next day, we off for shopping activity again.weeeee
We got up early morning, and ready to rumba ..haha..we went to Paris Van Java first, 
but most of the store was still close and only open around 10am. 
Carrefour at Paris Van Java

Now its the Cihempalas Walk, or Ci-Walk

tengah calculate harga barang

malam tu pergi balik ke Paris Van Java

At Kampung Daun

its an open hut style dinning. menarik sekali! mase kitorang datang was late night, and raining, 
which made the place so sejuk and nyamuk pun keluar! 

 but when my dinner finally arrive, nyamuk pun i dah tak kisah.
BEHOLD, Soup Buntut Goreng!! wow, sedap betul!
Soup Buntut is actually sup ekor. this one, they fried the meat and serve the rice with the buntut meat, sup and sambal-sambal.

 and not to forget, my Ikan Garume Bakar.nyums!

Last stop for last day
At The Secret, Dunia Anakku shop
bought a pweetty pink dress for Tijani, Zara Kids for only RM50

 At The Secret, Accessories shop
bought nothing here just love the entrance.

The Airway of The Secret
very nice, malam-malam ada lampu lampu and cafe where guys mostly duduk2 while waiting for the girls shop! haha..

Cihampelas Street

I didn't find the FO here interesting as most of the item sell are cheap quality. But they do have nice open mall here called Cihampelas Walk, or well known as Ci-walk

Cihempalas Walk entrance

 grand looking KFC at Ci-walk

penjual di Cihempalas street.

public transport, angkotan kota at Cihempalas Street

 busy looking road at Cihempalas Street

In front of FO Sahara, Airbus One selling local brand (distro) t-shirts.

A bed of barang dagangan from Bandung! yayy! ( ada lagi yg tak masuk gambar)

will I come back to shop till you drop at Bandung???



cuna said...

wowww syoknye shopping!

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

thank god, you were there before the volcano + tsunami happened... you really3x shopped till you drop, wink2 anyway, what's in the box ya??? is it makeup/skincare stuff??? i'm curious, hehehe =P

Harim Hamdan said...

babe, i g sana mase tengah2 the volcano and tsunami.

tapi bandung jauh dari tempat2 kejadian tuh, so okay je sane. aman sekali dong.

owh, tu my mom punye skincare.stock dia,Ristra. sebab kat KL Ristra da tak jual dah.