Friday, November 12, 2010

POCC Event 

I was walking with my girlfriend at Sunway Pyramid a while ago when a petite Chinese lady approached us. She said something that has to do with a cancer event. Of course I listened back then when she informed me, but I didn't register in my mind what was the thing she talked about..She took a picture of us each to be uploaded to the website.

Then finally baru perasan now, she was talking about the Power Over Cervical Cancer campaign that will be held at Zouk tomorrow noon.. more over the event also include a bazaar! i like!
Back to the picture, the picture is some sort of a pledge towards the support for the campaign.Okay, baru paham.

I'll be at Zouk from noon wearing pink. Pink baju kurung polka dots okay tak? (psst, bought at bazar Perhimpunan Umno)  or maybe the new pink top I got from Bandung...hehe..

Owh and you know the coolest thing?
The picture that has been uploaded to the website is now ready for download. Can download it as wallpaper or ready to be send eCard. Look at mine, isn't it sweet?  minus the missing quarter of my head :P

I think they couldn't read my famous tulisan doktor properly, hence, they change my name to Harim Izzah Amadar instead of Harim Izzati Hamdan.

this is my page when i search using email. 
"Hi, I'm Harim Izzah Amadar"

Upload yours here
See ya tomorrow!


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