Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Ultimate Girlfriends Weekend Contest

Hey guys, I'm in the running to win RM1500 cash for a weekend getaway with my girlies. To participate, you need to click here  and Like Johnsons&Johnsons FB page.

If you guys really like me and kesian me with how stressful I am to finish up with my Master and want to help me to win the contest please click here  . Of course theres 3 simple steps:

1) you have to Like J&J FB page first 
2)then click allow 
 3)vote for yours truly (ID name: Harim Hamdan)

 If you really a sweetheart heart too, you can asked your family and friends to help me :D
See how desperate I am. I am under a lot of stress lately with dreadful school work and part time job in between. There's even a pimple pop out on my face right above my eyebrow! :(

Here is my Ultimate Girlfriend Weekend essay:

For an ultimate girlfriend's weekend, my girlies and I will be going to the beautiful Kenyir Lake. We shall be enjoying the natural environment by swimming and cruising to Lasir Waterfall which is the largest waterfall in Kenyir Lake. We will also be doing some jungle tracking while exploring the wild plants and birds. The activity is not complete without visiting the prehistoric Bewah Cave. On the last day we will pampering ourself at the spa, and request the masseuse to use Johnson's body care lotion after the adventurous, tiring yet exciting thing we did. We end up the last night with dinner buffet under the sparkling stars. This kind of ultimate girlfriends weekend will be treasure in our hearts for as long as we live :)

So, vote for me please please please I'm begging you.
But if you don't think I deserve the RM1500 cash for a short weekend getaway with my girlies, than its okay :) although I am begging you guys to vote for me ... HAHA



mIZz *.* aYNa said...

voted already, dear... gd luck to u, wink2

Harim Hamdan said...

thank u :)
btw, u dapat movie passes for social network kan? i pun! c u there?

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

c ya tomorrow harim, leh kite gossip sesame, hehhe =P