Friday, December 31, 2010

Well Done Harimau Malaya!

Tomorrow is holiday! thanks to the national football team, tomorrow is a holiday, one day before new year! why I'm writting with exclamation mark?! because i'm too excited that the national football team is back on again! Safee Sali, the goalkeeper, and the whole team were incredible!

Saya melihat ye game itu!
and I think they played so well, the defense especially.

Well done!
Siapa ada number telefon Safee Sali? nak masuk meminang LOL

Malaysia's first time winning Suzuki Cup! so proud of you boys :D


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skechers Warehouse Sale

Pagi tadi, tengah-tengah buat kerja office dari rumah, berinternet kejap. Bukak website shopping and sales, tengok ada Skechers warehouse sale. Dekat area rumah pulak tuh, haruslah pergi! :D

Drop kerja jap, tak mandi pun ..heheheh...tunggu mama siap, trus ambik carkey, grab my handbag and go..vrroooommm!

Kejap je sampai, tak sampai 5 minit.
Quite satisfied with my purchase!
Range price are affordable, for men and women shoes, price is rm49, for kids rm39, for Caligear rm10! what are you kidding me? yup rm10!
so, I grab as many that I like and as many that I can fit in. tak banyak pun purchase, mine is 3, mom grab 2, and I took 1 for sister.

Untuk dilihat, bukan dijual :P

My favorite would be this running shoe, well, for jogging biasa2 boleh lah, kalau nak masuk pertandingan lari 100meter, tak la kot. I love the colour, the pink details here and there. Although hari tu baru je beli jogging shoe from Bata, beli brand Power je, cause I always have the tendency menjahanamkan barang2 milik sendiri, so tamoh beli mahal mahal. So now, I can rotate between these 2 lovely jogging shoe of mine :D

Fav #1: Jogging shoe

Fav #2: Twinkle toe sneakers

Fav #3: Wedge Caligear

Fav #4: Pink Caligear

Fav #5: Grey Caligear

Guess how much I spent for my shoes? 5 pairs = RM128 
Terbaikk! :D


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Hana's Karaoke Bachelorette Party

Last weekend, my girlfriends and I throw a party for our about to get marry friend Hana. The plan was a pajama party at a friend house, turn out to be, she had to fly off to Penang that weekend.bummer!

Then we decided to do it a karaoke room.
Hadn't karaoke-ing for a while though, so the idea was absolutely awesome.

BEFORE the bride to be and some of the girls arrive, Fatin, Fiza and I sang madly deeply with Pussycats Dolls numbers! it was hilarious that we trying to be as sexy and hot as they are on the video clip :D .
And when the bride to be arrive, things got even crazier...I just attach some pictures here.

 balloon blower

 party mask

 bride-to-be veil

 bile la i nak jadi bride to be nih ;P


the bride to be!

gile kan mereka ini! haha



Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Social Network, here I come! 

I just won a pair of passes to the watch Social Network aka Facebook the movie! Justin in it...awesome!
How lucky I am when I tried to win it after 3 times failure. Hot Magazine was so nice to give away the movie passes batch by batch so that everyone can try their luck to win. 

Guess who I'm taking with me? None other than my little brother who was born in the digital native generation. When he was 4 or 5, he helped my dad to write letters using the computer. When he was 6, he searched for game's cheat himself online. Plus, it's his birthday tomorrow, so I'm giving him some pre-birthday gift before the big celebration at the 5 Star Hotel +  birthday present brought specially from Bandung!! ngeh ngeh..

Hint: Royale Chulan buffet! :D
Check out Royale Chulan Hotel website for their Buffet Bonanza promotion here  .

Have a nice day everyone ;)