Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skechers Warehouse Sale

Pagi tadi, tengah-tengah buat kerja office dari rumah, berinternet kejap. Bukak website shopping and sales, tengok ada Skechers warehouse sale. Dekat area rumah pulak tuh, haruslah pergi! :D

Drop kerja jap, tak mandi pun ..heheheh...tunggu mama siap, trus ambik carkey, grab my handbag and go..vrroooommm!

Kejap je sampai, tak sampai 5 minit.
Quite satisfied with my purchase!
Range price are affordable, for men and women shoes, price is rm49, for kids rm39, for Caligear rm10! what are you kidding me? yup rm10!
so, I grab as many that I like and as many that I can fit in. tak banyak pun purchase, mine is 3, mom grab 2, and I took 1 for sister.

Untuk dilihat, bukan dijual :P

My favorite would be this running shoe, well, for jogging biasa2 boleh lah, kalau nak masuk pertandingan lari 100meter, tak la kot. I love the colour, the pink details here and there. Although hari tu baru je beli jogging shoe from Bata, beli brand Power je, cause I always have the tendency menjahanamkan barang2 milik sendiri, so tamoh beli mahal mahal. So now, I can rotate between these 2 lovely jogging shoe of mine :D

Fav #1: Jogging shoe

Fav #2: Twinkle toe sneakers

Fav #3: Wedge Caligear

Fav #4: Pink Caligear

Fav #5: Grey Caligear

Guess how much I spent for my shoes? 5 pairs = RM128 
Terbaikk! :D



cuna said...

waaaa besnye borong kasut. time u pegi ade byk size lg x?

Harim Hamdan said...

ada lagi cuna...size kecik pun ada..kene pegi la today sbb takot kang da petang ramai org.
dia bukak at 11am

R said...

How much is the cali gear? if i vincci size 5, i should wear cali gear size 5 too? :) i'm from sungai buloh, dunno worth it to go or not... also dunno got size or not. crowded?

Harim Hamdan said...

Caligear is rm10.
My shoe size is usually 7, but for Skechers I've to take UK 6 or UK 5 depends on the cutting.

from what i saw, usually when its just about to open, they still got sizes for everyone, but when its around 3pm and above, the big size only left. for small size, maybe u can see the kids shoes...some of the kids shoe can fit adults with small size.

i tell ya, its worth. but have to be hurry lah.crowded? not so, just nice for everyone to grab :)
but of course lah pushing and all.