Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Social Network, here I come! 

I just won a pair of passes to the watch Social Network aka Facebook the movie! Justin in it...awesome!
How lucky I am when I tried to win it after 3 times failure. Hot Magazine was so nice to give away the movie passes batch by batch so that everyone can try their luck to win. 

Guess who I'm taking with me? None other than my little brother who was born in the digital native generation. When he was 4 or 5, he helped my dad to write letters using the computer. When he was 6, he searched for game's cheat himself online. Plus, it's his birthday tomorrow, so I'm giving him some pre-birthday gift before the big celebration at the 5 Star Hotel +  birthday present brought specially from Bandung!! ngeh ngeh..

Hint: Royale Chulan buffet! :D
Check out Royale Chulan Hotel website for their Buffet Bonanza promotion here  .

Have a nice day everyone ;)


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