Thursday, December 29, 2011

Season of giving Ayna

My friend Ayna, whom I knew since about 2 years ago, is having a contest on her blog!! yayy!! contest!! prize!! i like!!! :D

Oh well, the task is so so simple, go here to know more hehe. Oklah I cakap. What you need to do is:

  1. go to her blog
  2. promote the giveaway at any of your social network platform (blog/facebook/twitter)
  3. be creative! (hey, don't copy mine okeh!)
  4. and last but not least, leave the link with follower ID & email address at the contest comment box post.
  5. prize awaiting for you is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in nude that is worth a freaking RM159!! 

Okay Ayna, so here is the thing, I know where you live, I know where you work, and I know your favorite hangout let me win or...or....or....or.......................................



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yummy cookies

This is simply yummy. Serious tak tipu. Sometimes I don't have time to get my breakfast because of early class. I found the new Quaker Oats cookie to be fullfilling.

My favourite would be Oat Cookie with Honey Nuts. Well
So far I've only tasted this :D


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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

For school holiday this time around, I decided to take my little brother to USS with mommy.
And also for his birthday.

Plus I've never been to USS and ramai cakap best.
The best part, the day we went, was the first day The Transformer's Ride open for public!
Awwesomeee isn't it?

So kami pun pergilah 3 beranak menaiki train ke JB Sentral.
We took the Naza-USS package for RM393 including 2 nights stay, breakfast, USS entrance, shuttle to USS-JB.

The best trip evah!

The Transformers Ride was the highlight of the day. But I missed Shrek's ride. I didn't even know there was one. We had our lunch at Far Far Away Kingdom at the Goldilocks Fried Chicken (try to look for Halal eatery at the map/brochure that you can get at the entrance of USS).

We went to see the Lights, Action, Camera by Steven Spielberg, Monster's Musical show and Transformers Ride. The place was amazing. My favorite place has to be Far Far Away Kingdom and also Hollywood street.

We'll be coming back for more fun next year.
Enjoy the pictures!

in the shuttle bus to Sentosa Island USS

I'm at Jurassic Park 

With Shrek's little helper

Far Far Away shop

newspaper anyone?

This place is also Halal

my little brother and I

You can buy merchandize here. I bought a pink USS tshirt heh

Show time!

with Betty Boop

The Transformers Ride

Mom with T-Rex

yayy, Far Far Away Kingdom!

It's amazing guys...the ride is in the castle.

menyesal tak beli potion fairy godmother ni ;(

Lunch at Goldilocks Fried Chicken

its Shrek and Princes Fiona!

in the Transformers Ride

we also met Frankenstein!

bumped into Marilyn Monroe

the little woodpecker!

I wish to own a makeup studio like this soon..haha

Nikki at Gotham City



Monday, November 14, 2011

Bandung Trip 2011

I went to Bandung again! for the second time! last week!!

it's part educational and part holiday trip...this time around I didn't go all nuts while shopping and I wonder why. mungkin disebabkan ongkosnya ngga cukupin :(( sad sad story.

as usual, dah sampai kat Bandung, u must step your feet in the FOs...mesti mesti mesti...mana-mana FO will do, like FO at Jln Setiabudhi (Rumah Mode, Worldwide etc), Jln Riau ( Secret, Rich & Famous which used to be Sahara last time, Foreman, Stamp etc) Jln Dago (Gossip etc) and also their Distro (distro means local brand produce by youngsters in Bandung) esp at Jln Sultan Agung. This is the only Distro yang I perasan lah, and luckily masa I datang tu, ada sale up to 70%...t-shirts were price from RM10 and above after discount tu. gila hebat! 

Distro label are not huge, but there are good quality and good design. So check them out. I got my little bro some tshirts from there and myself a nice rugged looking skinny jeans. Cun!

Distro at Jln Sultan Agong

A must place to dine, Pak Che Mat Resto!

This time around at Pasar Baru, I shopped for Kebaya set. haha...finally I got myself a set of Kebaya. Never had one before, so I'm pretty much excited to wear it for Hari Raya next year ;)
And of course, I also beli some kain cotton...and I baru discover that there was this one stall there, yang kain-kain nya sangat unik dan better design dari kedai-kedai lain yang usually have the same design. Menyesal tak menjelajah floor atas Pasar Baru earlier, so masa I tau tu, I can't spend much anymore sebab dah beli kain dekat tempat biasa earlier :(

It was raining at Bandung the whole week...sangat sejuk! I felt I kat western countries pulak..haha...tapi best jugak sejuk2 macam tu. and I suke sangat-sangat this one new FO at Jalan Riau, called Lily & Rose. I love the concept of the FO, interior, product and many more (fyi, FO disana macam gudang sikit, setengah FO bersepah-sepah). I bought 1 handbag for myself and a long skirt for my sister there. Lily & Rose carries other  labels too.

mine is front stripes handbag, Rp190000, loving it! 

tea time in between shopping

I'm a big fan of Agnes I already plan to buy anything that she endorsed...super lucky that I found this contact lens called Exoticon endorsed by Agnes. It's pretty cheap too compare to any brand in KL. The one that I bought is for 6 months + coloured = RM30 (lebih kurang). The one in KL usually RM30 for a month. So I bought 2 colours, brown and grey :D

Went crazy shopping at Toko Tiga for Levi's jeans...well ok the paperbag wasn't mine..haha

So basically, things I bought from Bandung

mom's Ristra

cool Starbucks Bandung mug i've been wanting since visit last year

headbands from local blogshop

Fatin's stuff consist of 1 sweater of Distro brand, 3 tshirts of Distro brand, Bershka and Roxy = RM100!

my first H&M cardi

lots of kain-kain and kebayas for myself,mom and friends

handbag!!! local brand called Byme :)

mom's handbag from local brand too