Sunday, January 09, 2011

Malaya Optical event

I was in doubt to go or not to go to this event by Malaya Optical at first. Simply because I was swamp with thesis..biasalah tu kan, lagi-lagi dateline dah dekat..OMG, macam tak percaya je datleline dah dekat...sempat ke? tak sempat ke?

I decided to go with my two girlfriends.

So we arrived there about 12pm. The crowd was amazing. I think many turn up, imagine if everyone whom registered turn up!

FYI, this was my first time getting myself a pair of colored contact lens.
I am a bit skeptical when it comes to contact lens. You know there were saying like, nanti mata rosak lah, pakai susah lah and what not.
But, I must admit, I was excited to get it.
*I'm going to do a review of using the contact lens later.

So, I got myself a box of brown contact lens (RM15) and one more box for reviewing purpose (for free!) yayy!

I also claimed the free trial one day lens with power 0.50.
I wore it yesterday, frankly speaking, it took me about half an hour to get the first lens inside and I only managed to do it with the help of my girlfriends, Fatin and AJ.

I don't think I can wear powered lens as I felt headache. Mama cakap kalau pening-pening jangan pakai. Eventhough I have a minor sight problem, tapi tak payah dulu kot pakai power nih. I think I do just fine without it for now.
Which remind me, tak sabar-sabar nak try colored big eyes contact lens tu! I have to go buy the solution and container kan? if not mane nak simpan the lense.
Coming soon, coming soon

So here some pix around the event

make up of the day:
Forest Secret foundation
Stage Picture Perfect liquid concealer for dark circle
Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes kit (eyeshadow)
Etude black eyeliner
Stila brown mascara
Stila lip&cheek creme
Forest Secret lipstick

we are here to parrteeyyy!! :D

Fatin with her eye check

a bit skeptical when reading her eyes result

now its AJ's turn

my turn

oi, that's my eyes lah!

supercool host for the event Tammy from

with Ryan Ho, the stylist/designer

the girls having fun

long story short, Alexis is Fatin's client at work! and I think Alexis and Fatin did attend an event a year ago, without them knowing that they would be working together one day :P
this is what we called, what a small small world okeh

yay, our voucher...hmm what can I get with it..thinking thinking

with Stila/blogger friend, Kitty@ Iffa

okay makan time. At Ayam Penyet, The Curve
*at this point, I already insert the lens, I got headache though.don't think I'm suitable with powered lense

AJ's first time with Ayam Penyet :D

my fav: grilled chicken

Overall, the event was great. There was refreshments, familiar faces, goodies, music and information. It was an informative event for me because I never know anything that had to do with cermin mata. It's nice to mingle around with old blogger friends too as I have missed a lot of get together event with them lately. 
So, cheers to the event, cheers to all.
Stay tune for my contact lens review ya ;)



Tammy Miu said...

harim! hmm r u a first timer for contact lens? 0.50 wow.. mine is higher! *envious*

first time wearing contacts might pening/etc coz not used to it, r the color contacts (no power?) try them later n see if the same results?

glad u came with your friends, and wow didn't know fatin n alexis lol... got something something or not with them? hahahhaa

Harim Hamdan said...

yup, first time wear kidding! virgin eyes :P

owh, so the pening2 is from the contact lens itself? not from power contact lens?both of the color contact no power.

hahah...don't know, u ask alexis lah if got something something between them..LOL