Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Me and Farhan? Naaaa

long long time ago...when the Akademi Fantasia season 4 was on air, someone told me that I resemblance one of the reality TV show contestant, Farhan.
Well, I have 5 people saying that to me.

by the way, I'm not a fan of Akademi Fantasia show. I didn't even know about Farhan until my roomie back then in MMU told me about it. roomie I tuh, serious a die hard fan of AF! :D
she is so brilliant that she actually got herself TV broadcast inside our hostel room to watch AF which always aired on Astro via her personal computer! how cool is my roomie ;))

annyways, long story short, this is Farhan and please do compare her looks with we look alike?

I'm not sure myself. I've never seen someone who looks like me..
well, there was one time, way back when I was in high school and I saw someone looks like me...I'm like,"ma God! is that me over there? but I'm sitting here, how can I be over there..there's no mirror here" hehe, something like that.

well, i can't find picture of me with the same grin and angle like hers. later lah.
but, u can imagine my face right?

by the way, I love her sings.
she sings jazz better than sheila majid :P
haha, well, i think its her tone that really compliment the music genre when she sings. besides Joss Stone singing jazz that I love, I love this girl here with jazz. I'm a jazzy jazz jazz girl peeps!

so back to our topic of the day, what do you think?



cuna said...

aah same la muka u ngn farhan tu. baru i perasan. senyum dh mcm nk sama ;) xpnh tgk muka farhan xde mekap

Harim Hamdan said...

yeh same eh?
u orang ke 6.

ntah ni gmbr i google2 je..i carik gmbr dia yg cm biasa2 not fully make up.

mIZz *.* aYNa said...

betul3x, same la harim, tp u lg cun la, hehehe =P

Harim Hamdan said...

haha..same yeh?

kalo cm tu betul la tu :P
ala segan la u ckp i lagi cun, tu sbb farhan tak pakai make up tuh. btw, dia da slim now..hopefully, i pun boleh la slim macam dia soon