Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nikki's PMR result

My brother Nikki was a chubby, cute, little boy...I enjoyed playing with him when he was small, dress him up in cool clothes and not to forget, turning him into one of my favorite Backstreet Boys guy, Nick Carter! I would make him to pose like Nick Carter whenever I took his picture...Nikki was so so adorable! check this out

So, pass down the memory lane, he's all grown up now. He is a bright kid , brighter than he's other siblings I must say :P
Although this post was a bit too late for PMR result topic, I had to write this for the whole world to see. My dear Nikki got 7A 1B for his PMR. a good job right?
walaupun bukan straight A's seperti yang diingini, tapi like I said, better than his siblings LOL...

Hopefully he will do great in SPM. Insya Allah.


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