Sunday, February 06, 2011

2010 Holiday Trips

1. February 2010 -Melaka trip with family

I almost forgot about this trip cause we had so many trips to Melaka. Melaka is one of our favorite destination as it's near to KL and each visits, we will discover new things :)
Like for this trip, I managed to take a lot of pictures at my fav place Jonker Walk. Click here for more pictures ;)

2. April 2010 - Penang trip on birthday
Well, the trip is not exactly for my birthday, it happens to be on my birthday month, so I just squeeze in the birthday trip words :P
So, I had fun during this trip. Went there by train, using public transport all around the island and eat eat eat. I can't find any pictures on it, must be somewhere in my CD. Well, kalau jumpe I post nanti kay. In the meantime this will do 

3. July 2010 - Desaru - JB Trip
As for this trip, it was a sudden trip. My friend Aishah bought a stay for one night at Desaru, planning to go with her husband, she cancelled it and asked us to join instead. Ape lagi kitorang! Stay free so, JOM!!!!!
So we went there I think just before Ramadhan it before August? not sure. well, eventhough it was a short trip, sampai sana pun dan almost night, nasib baik still boleh terjun laut lagi, went for dinner, went back to hotel room and played charades! 
I rasa charades game to come number 2 on my list after game "Happy Family" that we played at Genting, lagi kelakar!!!! so, the next morning packing, and headed to Larkin JB for some nice lunch...just look at the pictures peeps!

arrived and terus ke laut :)

fatin memainkan peranan sebagai jaws!

went to this place for dinner, nearby hotel je.sambil chit chatting, lovely.

I had this soup. was not feeling well.

the girls :)


We stayed at Mussalada Villas

pictures with swimming pool background. tak sempat nak terjun pool pulak 

we got lots of shots with this must-do-at-the-beach-pose.

our lunch for that day...

Kacang Pool!!! yummy! at Larkin food court.

 4. November 2010 - Bandung shopping trip!
I must say that this is the highlight trip of the year! Bandung trip! wuuhuuu, finally dapat jugak pergi Bandung selepas sekian lama berangan :P
So went there for a 4 days and 3 nights stay. Had the time of my life shopping. I don't know how some says Bandung had nothing to shop, tak best lah ape lah...I rasa best je! semua brand ade sini. Like I said in my post about that Bandung trip (click here), Bandung is a true place for shop till you drop. The FO memang murah. well, at least half price murah dari sini. I love everything about Bandung, shopping, food, people. sangat best! :D

i love this picture of me, macam i tengah nak borong semua kain hahahahaha

5. December 2010 - Penang trip
So, have I mentioned that we love Penang? we equals to family and friends! well that's why you nampak 2 times trip to Penang in a year! haha...
So this time around went there with family, terus sambut new year kat sane :P

the arrival! :D

 Penang is great place for food hunting! luksie luksie!
1. Breakfast 

2. Breakfast roti canai paling best dalam dunia :D

 wishing Penangites a happy new year! 

meninggalkan name di Penang

I saw Ken and Barbie at Penang..omg omg

dreams come true...i'm a Barbie :)

and many more exciting things you can explore at Penang. I think I'm going to post a special Penang trip post. What you think?

Share with me what was your best holiday trip last year!! dying to know, mane tau I boleh pergi pulak :P
For this year, I have a few exciting trips waiting hahahaha...saya memang suke berjalan, well, who doesn't!