Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

So, where did you guys celebrate Earth Hour?

My big family and I celebrate it at Starbucks Great Eastern with free frapp for every Starbucks tumbler during the hour! We have 5 tumblers for the free frapp. 

Earth Hour is not just about switching your lights off for an hour on this particular date, but its about your action, beyond that hour. 
Imagine that tiny little things you do like saving the electricity, recycling and etc could help this world to be a better place for living. Just imagine :)

Happy Earth Hour from all of us the young generation of Syed Ghazali's clan.
(The Polka Dots of My Life blog supports Earth Hour)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wonder Woman M.A.C Acca Kappa Party

So as I promised you, here are some of the pictures at the Wonder Woman party!

look at my happy face! :D

oh Wonder Woman , I heart you!

Shahrul the make up artist

macam nak bawak balik ini chair! :D

Amagad!! its wonder woman! 

How I wish I can have the whole set!


peneman setia ku Miss Fatin ;)

the end.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Good deal for today

I have never ever never ever bought any health magazine before. I was always the type who settle with the good old beauty magazine. I only heard about Shape magazine after knowing my blogger friend Ayna had won a contest from the magazine. She won Lasenza voucher! okay, so I was like, "apakah itu Shape magazine??"

Dah lama nak baca magazine ni. Tapi kenapa tak pernah beli-beli...I think I was waiting for good deal this!

Buy Shape magazine March  issue and redeem free Body Natur hair removal mousse (full size)
 + 10% voucher for the brand
(bought at store)

Thanks to Ayna, I pun macam da fall in love with the magazine. Rupenye banyak je pasal health issue that I was not aware of. 

So, my 2nd good deal for today is this

you read it right. free a panty liner box container. The deal is, buy any double pack Carefree Super Dry, free with the bekas liner. The container is already in the packaging so just look for it on the shelve. I love the container because 1) its pink!!!! 2)i have been throwing my panty liner in my handbag all the time so this is a good place to store it.

The container can fit about 4 panty liners.
But in here I only put 2 panty liners.

It's a bit huge, but cute enough to carry it around. Now, I will never ever throw my panty liners in my handbag and lost it along the way when I need to find it.

So, sangat suka dengan belian hari ini. Love the freebies max.


Sunday, March 06, 2011

M.A.C Wonder Woman makeup collection

By now mesti semua dah tahu that M.A.C just launched their spring collection which is Wonder Woman make up.
(click here for the collection

What I really love about this collection is that, the concept really works with the whole thing, in terms of colours, packaging, etc.
The colour for instance is those bright vibrant colour with 2 main colour of Wonder Woman blue and red. I love all the make up...but was less of $$.

The packaging was super wonderful too!

I was at the launching party at Midvalley by Acca Kappa and M.A.C.
I got to meet and greet with my childhood superhero Wonder Woman. boy I love her.
It's like a dream come true to have make up collection of her. sangat teruja.

I bought the Wonder Woman bulletproof make up bag in blue. Was thinking to get the liner, but after I did some thinking, the make up bag is better as its like a long lasting thing.
But IF I do have extra $$, I would have bought the mascara, liner, gloss, and blush...not to forget the set of brush.

aahh well...

so, for today's outing, I did my makeup inspired from Wonder Woman collection.I put on extra vibrant blue eyeshadow to got with orange tone of blusher and lip colour. But those are not from the M.A.C WW collection.
I used Stila Kajal Liner in sapphire, Stila Convertible Eye Colour in lapis for eyes.
I used also Stila Lip and Cheek Convertible colour in petunia.

So here is me inspired by Wonder Woman M.A.C collection.

and the bulletproof makeup bag..ha cube korang tembak, mesti tak tembus bag tuh :P

luv, me


Recycle makes this world a better place to live.
Don't you think so?

So this morning, my sister and I did our part...we sent all the old newspaper to the recycling center at Tesco Ampang. Thank goodness there's this nearby recycling place, otherwise we really have no idea where to bring the recycling items.

Therefore sesiapa yang duduk dekat area Ampang, recycle lah disana...

fill in the trunk

even the back seat


the Recycling Center 


Friday, March 04, 2011

Haul of the week

I bought these 2!
From Etude House...I've tried the eye liner before. not bad. I don't fancy the glue feel it gives but reliable enough for a day use. So, I bought it again after I decided not to buy eyeliner from  M.A.C Wonder Woman collection. It's about RM80 therefore I decided to upgrade RM20 more and got myself the cosmetic bag instead. Long lasting, worth the money. I got myself the blue one. love it! 

Will upload the picture once I got pictures from my friend Fatin. 

So, I got myself these 2 things from Etude. On the left is the eyeliner and on the right is the brow colour. I tried it on and love it. I think it gives fresher look, compare to the common black brows. So, I'm loving it. I remembered that I had a make over by Lilian at RMK. She did this fantastic make up on me, and coloured my brow in brown. It makes me look distinguish.
So I love it ;)

Well, I just emailed my supervisor the thesis draft..hopefully everything goes well and maybe minimal amendments to be made. Crossing finger, praying for it.