Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Good deal for today

I have never ever never ever bought any health magazine before. I was always the type who settle with the good old beauty magazine. I only heard about Shape magazine after knowing my blogger friend Ayna had won a contest from the magazine. She won Lasenza voucher! okay, so I was like, "apakah itu Shape magazine??"

Dah lama nak baca magazine ni. Tapi kenapa tak pernah beli-beli...I think I was waiting for good deal this!

Buy Shape magazine March  issue and redeem free Body Natur hair removal mousse (full size)
 + 10% voucher for the brand
(bought at store)

Thanks to Ayna, I pun macam da fall in love with the magazine. Rupenye banyak je pasal health issue that I was not aware of. 

So, my 2nd good deal for today is this

you read it right. free a panty liner box container. The deal is, buy any double pack Carefree Super Dry, free with the bekas liner. The container is already in the packaging so just look for it on the shelve. I love the container because 1) its pink!!!! 2)i have been throwing my panty liner in my handbag all the time so this is a good place to store it.

The container can fit about 4 panty liners.
But in here I only put 2 panty liners.

It's a bit huge, but cute enough to carry it around. Now, I will never ever throw my panty liners in my handbag and lost it along the way when I need to find it.

So, sangat suka dengan belian hari ini. Love the freebies max.


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mIZz *.* aYNa said...

best kan kan shape magz??? hee~ i pun nak beli bekas carefree tu gak, selalu penyek je pantyliner dlm handbag, hihihi x)