Friday, March 04, 2011

Haul of the week

I bought these 2!
From Etude House...I've tried the eye liner before. not bad. I don't fancy the glue feel it gives but reliable enough for a day use. So, I bought it again after I decided not to buy eyeliner from  M.A.C Wonder Woman collection. It's about RM80 therefore I decided to upgrade RM20 more and got myself the cosmetic bag instead. Long lasting, worth the money. I got myself the blue one. love it! 

Will upload the picture once I got pictures from my friend Fatin. 

So, I got myself these 2 things from Etude. On the left is the eyeliner and on the right is the brow colour. I tried it on and love it. I think it gives fresher look, compare to the common black brows. So, I'm loving it. I remembered that I had a make over by Lilian at RMK. She did this fantastic make up on me, and coloured my brow in brown. It makes me look distinguish.
So I love it ;)

Well, I just emailed my supervisor the thesis draft..hopefully everything goes well and maybe minimal amendments to be made. Crossing finger, praying for it. 


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