Sunday, March 06, 2011

M.A.C Wonder Woman makeup collection

By now mesti semua dah tahu that M.A.C just launched their spring collection which is Wonder Woman make up.
(click here for the collection

What I really love about this collection is that, the concept really works with the whole thing, in terms of colours, packaging, etc.
The colour for instance is those bright vibrant colour with 2 main colour of Wonder Woman blue and red. I love all the make up...but was less of $$.

The packaging was super wonderful too!

I was at the launching party at Midvalley by Acca Kappa and M.A.C.
I got to meet and greet with my childhood superhero Wonder Woman. boy I love her.
It's like a dream come true to have make up collection of her. sangat teruja.

I bought the Wonder Woman bulletproof make up bag in blue. Was thinking to get the liner, but after I did some thinking, the make up bag is better as its like a long lasting thing.
But IF I do have extra $$, I would have bought the mascara, liner, gloss, and blush...not to forget the set of brush.

aahh well...

so, for today's outing, I did my makeup inspired from Wonder Woman collection.I put on extra vibrant blue eyeshadow to got with orange tone of blusher and lip colour. But those are not from the M.A.C WW collection.
I used Stila Kajal Liner in sapphire, Stila Convertible Eye Colour in lapis for eyes.
I used also Stila Lip and Cheek Convertible colour in petunia.

So here is me inspired by Wonder Woman M.A.C collection.

and the bulletproof makeup bag..ha cube korang tembak, mesti tak tembus bag tuh :P

luv, me

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