Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Body Shop current favorite

I always wanted this thing eversince I laid my eyes on it. It's the Illuminating Face Base Apricot Glow from the Brush With Fashion collection. The collection is limited edition so everything from there has already sold out, including the the face base. See here for the collection.

So nak dibuatkan cerita, I went to BS KLCC for a little shopping spree with my friend. We used the 25% birthday voucher I got. Memang at first I didn't have anything in mind to buy. But when I saw my friend ambik itu ini...I pun tak nak lah lepaskan peluang I just browse and browse around the store...when suddenly I saw this lovely lovely thing that I had always wanted to try before. I pun dah excited nak itu benda when the SA inform me that they already have no stock for it. Seriously?? I said.

I told the SA that I really want it, and won't purchase anything, sebab tak ada apa I need at the moment. Being a wonderful SA, Azza, immediately suggested that she could help to get it from outstation outlet. Once again I said, seriously???
Yayy! the next monday, I went back to KLCC outlet to claim for it. Bestnye!

Result? Ada satu pujian tadi kat office, my colleague said that my skin looks so flawless than before. Maybe because of it?

So here is my current favorite BS product


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