Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Live Blues and Jazz Showcase

The other night, I went to this showcase at Matrade. I was excited to see Farhan performing live (yup, Farhan yang I cakap kawan I cakap muke I same dengan dia tu in my previous previous post). Seriously I went there just to see her perform live.

It's a free event, so lagi lah laju I pergi.
The verdict: Farhan wows the audience, and I think her vocal is stronger compare to Atilia who had performed Jazz songs through out the showcase. Farhan was singing Blues all the way...oh my, I was blown away!

So, enjoy the pixies!

Farhan opened up the show with a blues song (don't ask me the songs title, totally forgot!) :P

confetti moment! bring back Farhan for me :D

oh, this is Ito from The Bluesgang? Do I get the correct group name? 


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