Thursday, June 16, 2011

Barang Lelong


Yay, I baru je menang Topshop Makeup Kit. Masuk contest at FB. I've won this! best woooo

1. Crayon 
2. Pouch bag
3. Polish 

Okay, this post is actually up for these items to lelong!

Item #1: Cleansing Oil Mania!

From left to right
1. M.A.C Cleanse off oil (30ml) worth RM95
2. RMK Cleasing oil (30ml) worth RM20
3. Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Makeup Cleasing Oil (125ml) worth RM88

Free: Shu Uemura Cleasing oil sample (4ml)

Total worth product: RM203
Price lelong: RM100
Total save: RM103 (50% off)

Item #2: RMK Skintuner (30ml) 

Free: 2 packs of 3ml RMK Skintuner

*I have used this thrice, you can see the balance left at the bottle.
Price lelong: RM20 (can give more discount if you want to try it)

Item #3: Make up set

1.Cyber Colors Cosmos Eyeshadow (02 earth) worth RM43
2.Body Shop Delipscious sheer lip colour (05 Elderberry) worth RM45

Total worth product: RM88
Price lelong: RM 44
Total save: RM 44 (50% off)

Item #4: Try on Samples

 From left to right:
1. Acca Kappa Shampoo (10ml)
2. Acca Kappa Hair conditioner Balsamo (10ml)
3. SimpliSiti New Age Intensive Dual Serum (0.6ml x 2 packs)
4. RMK Creamy Make up Base SPF8 (1g)
5. Lancome Youth Activating Concentrate (1ml x 2 packs)
6. Acca Kappa mini face brush 
7. Clinique Repairwear Laser Brush wrinkle and photo damage corrector (7ml)
8. Clarins Shaping Facial Lift (5 ml x 2 tubes)

Price lelong: RM25 (can give more discounts)

Meh lah beli! ;)


Monday, June 13, 2011

Great offers and discounts!

Hi lovely ladies and lads!

I'm a person who is loyal...loyal towards her membership cards :D
And in return, I want to be treated like a VIP or a special customer too, you know, get discounts here and there, invitations for events and so on. I've been using both Digi and The Body Shop for quite sometimes now. I subscribe to Digi for about 4 years but my loyalty towards TBS is much more obvious lately when I started to use their skincare and body care constantly now.

The offer that I'm about to tell is like killing two birds with one stone. As off today onward until the 30th, TBS is giving away 50% off for big size (400ml) shower gel exclusively for Digi subscribers only. Yes you read it right guys! so hurry to your favorite TBS outlet, and redeem this offer....ooppss, only for Digi subscribers ya :P

Shopping at TBS Pavilion during the mid year sale previously

are you loyal enough like this ??

Still talking about offers and discounts, Starbucks is also giving away 50% off on any frapp at selected outlet everyday. What you have to is:
1. Follow them on Twitter  @starbucksMy
2. RT the twitpic
3. And show the RT + twitpic to get the 50% off discounts.
Like for today, below is the twitpic and the selected outlet is already listed in the picture. Tomorrow will be other outlets. You just have to stay alert on their twitter page.

So, do you love discounts?? I'm sure you do! ;)


Saturday, June 04, 2011


Finally guys, finally.

I have just completed my Master Thesis. Alhamdulillah. I was so overwhelmed when I read the email from my supervisor, confirming that my thesis is final and congratulate me...I burst into tears. serious tak tipu. goodness.

I feel as free as a bird. but a bit weird because I used to be occupied with my thesis work all the time...and now it's done. okay, next step...job hunting? 

As for now, I just want to do what I love best.

I wanna share with you guys pictures from my Master class...sangat best! fun! but of course, bile nak time exam, semua tension, dari tade jerawat, jerawat batu semua keluar.

To all my classmates and batch mates, thank you for those lovely time....and thank you for the moral support...I'm gonna miss you guys ;)

during exam...this was on weekend. we did a study group together.

this is during Ms Nazirah's class, Learning Theory...I really really really like this class...

see, all of us like the class! 

that's me during presentation with my group.

testing Eisha's new laptop...

That's Eli in front, Wafa and I.

The power of two! haha ... during exam, on weekend study group
we just had to amuse ourselves, kalau tak lagi tension

the whole postgraduate students at the faculty

MeL class, the seniors (my batch) and the juniors.

a photoshoot we did for a postgrad event.

Alhamdulillah :))


Friday, June 03, 2011

Kirana Wedding

Calling all bride-to-be, the most talented and well-known local designer Sharifah Kirana is having a major promotion on wedding dress exclusively for the Promosi Kerja Kahwin at Kompleks Kraf, Jln Conlay.

There are variety of wedding rent packages you can choose starting from as low as RM980 to RM1480 per couple. There are also wedding dresses from Tun Teja D'Avant collection ready for rent. Price starts from RM2000 above. This promotion only last until Monday (6.6.2011). So hurry make your way here at booth PP10 and be captivate by lovely, classy and enchanting design by Sharifah Kirana.

pretty flower girl in tutu

wedding dress for your garden theme

look at the details!

this is my favorite!

something for the maid of honour perhaps?

complete package for your wedding day, shoe, flower girl dress

pink! my favorite colour!

i like this too...this dress has story behind it

if i were to get married, this would be my nikah dress :D

cute tutu for flower girls! 

pretty amazing dress for garden wedding.

Visit her FB (sharifah kirana) for more updates and details on this event.


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