Saturday, June 04, 2011


Finally guys, finally.

I have just completed my Master Thesis. Alhamdulillah. I was so overwhelmed when I read the email from my supervisor, confirming that my thesis is final and congratulate me...I burst into tears. serious tak tipu. goodness.

I feel as free as a bird. but a bit weird because I used to be occupied with my thesis work all the time...and now it's done. okay, next step...job hunting? 

As for now, I just want to do what I love best.

I wanna share with you guys pictures from my Master class...sangat best! fun! but of course, bile nak time exam, semua tension, dari tade jerawat, jerawat batu semua keluar.

To all my classmates and batch mates, thank you for those lovely time....and thank you for the moral support...I'm gonna miss you guys ;)

during exam...this was on weekend. we did a study group together.

this is during Ms Nazirah's class, Learning Theory...I really really really like this class...

see, all of us like the class! 

that's me during presentation with my group.

testing Eisha's new laptop...

That's Eli in front, Wafa and I.

The power of two! haha ... during exam, on weekend study group
we just had to amuse ourselves, kalau tak lagi tension

the whole postgraduate students at the faculty

MeL class, the seniors (my batch) and the juniors.

a photoshoot we did for a postgrad event.

Alhamdulillah :))


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