Monday, June 13, 2011

Great offers and discounts!

Hi lovely ladies and lads!

I'm a person who is loyal...loyal towards her membership cards :D
And in return, I want to be treated like a VIP or a special customer too, you know, get discounts here and there, invitations for events and so on. I've been using both Digi and The Body Shop for quite sometimes now. I subscribe to Digi for about 4 years but my loyalty towards TBS is much more obvious lately when I started to use their skincare and body care constantly now.

The offer that I'm about to tell is like killing two birds with one stone. As off today onward until the 30th, TBS is giving away 50% off for big size (400ml) shower gel exclusively for Digi subscribers only. Yes you read it right guys! so hurry to your favorite TBS outlet, and redeem this offer....ooppss, only for Digi subscribers ya :P

Shopping at TBS Pavilion during the mid year sale previously

are you loyal enough like this ??

Still talking about offers and discounts, Starbucks is also giving away 50% off on any frapp at selected outlet everyday. What you have to is:
1. Follow them on Twitter  @starbucksMy
2. RT the twitpic
3. And show the RT + twitpic to get the 50% off discounts.
Like for today, below is the twitpic and the selected outlet is already listed in the picture. Tomorrow will be other outlets. You just have to stay alert on their twitter page.

So, do you love discounts?? I'm sure you do! ;)


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aisyah De Cullen said...

I love discounts..but I'm neither a big fan of TBS, Starbuck nor a subscriber of Digi.. XD Kak Harim, if there's any workshop of any sort, do blog about it..! ^__^ I'd love to take part in some..hehe