Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello World!

I have abandoned my blog for a long long long time, that I forgot what was my blog address :|

I'm sooooooorrrryyyyyyyyyyy (crying)

Ok, just check back the last post, tak lah lama sangat, last post was in September, early September to be exact...kire oklah tu kan..but why I felt lama sangat?

Rindu lah blogging! I barely have time now...
I dah kerja! are browsing the blog of Ms Multimedia Lecturer now...he he...I'm working as a lecturer at KLMU.
Just about a month of job hunting, saya telah disambar oleh KLMU..secepat kilat. Alhamdulillah, rezeki bulan puasa.

And and and, berita paling gembira, I baru je convo. My convocation was last of the happiest day in my life :))
You have no idea how I tersengih sengih after I dapat scroll from the Vice Chancellor of Multimedia University. saat paling gembira...betul tak tipu.

Congrats to the rest of graduates too, especially my classmates. Thank you Ms Nazirah for everything. Couldn't have make it without your guidance and support. To my mom and sister, andalah yang terbaik di hati ini sepanjang saya menyiapkan Master ini, my family, to my friends, thank you for the moral support.

Akhirnya, kini aku bergelar, Master Harim he he :P
kalau korang rasa poyo pun tak pelah tapi nak jugak letak ayat tu sebab....I deserve it ;)


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