Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memory lane: The Birthday Cake

I was walking at Tesco the other day when I saw this cute cake which is similar to my 8th birthday cake 20 years ago.

I stood there looking at the birthday cake and recall back that special day. I remember that was the best birthday party ever back then. I had friends over! That was special. There were good food, presents, the cute birthday cake, friends and family.

My mom have never missed our birthday party not even a year. For her, birthday party is where she gathered her family and friends. Mama ialah Wonder Woman yang organize our birthday parties. She did everything on her own with no assistance.

The food was delicious! She also would make sure she got us birthday present...mommy i love you for your endless effort.

Sometimes she even baked the birthday cake herself.

So, like I've mentioned, my 8th birthday cake was always the one I remembered the most. A girl face with frackles, bangs and ribbon on her hair.
Something like below ;)

Cute kan?!


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