Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Monday Day Out

Hanging out with girlfriends today! I havent seen Hani and her baby since Hari Raya. So it was the right time to meet them again.

I need to redeem my LaSenza cash voucher before expiry day which is tomorrow so I drag Fiza along to join me..nasib baik Fiza free.

We took the train from KL to Kelana Jaya and we hoped in a taxi for OU. Carless day I might say.

Ok so in the spirit of redeem shopping, I also redeem my OU Card points and I got myself this classic babies from Diva!

Gile suka!

I got this too, from a thoughtful dear friend. Tinkerbell necklace which is super cute!


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cuna said...

bestnye u ni. asik soping la senza je tau. slalu dpt voucher pulak tu. nk kena spend how much baru blh dpt voucher cmtu? u member ye?

Harim Hamdan said...

hihi, bukan spend br dapat voucher, i menang contest...dpt voucher.

aah i member lasenza. kalau u nk beli barang lasenza, panggil i, i can give u 10% discount using my card ;)

cuna said...

oh menang contest. bestnyer. rajin btl u join contest. kalo tgh sale pn blh dpt 10% discount jgk ke? camne u blh jd member?

Harim Hamdan said...

i kaki contest! hahaha..aah dpt, on top of sale item pun boleh dapat 10% off. i pun lupa cm ne jadi member..

Fiza said...

harim.. duta La Senza.. heheh~~