Saturday, December 07, 2013

Jogjakarta #1

Why I decided to visit Jogjakarta besides many more interesting places in Indonesia is because:
1. The flight rate was cheap
2. I've always wanted to visit Universitas Gadjah Mada , Borobudur and witness the unique art Jogja has to offer.

So, a few months back, it was only Fiza and I who finally went to Jogja. My uncle adviced me to visit other states nearby so we took the chance. We were not only visit one state, but three!

On the first day of our arrival, we were just hanging out around town, finding the hotel was quite difficult, but after we saw the nice, comfortable very cosy little place, all the difficulties went away. The room was just fit for the two of us, clean and cosy. The hotel name was Andrea Hotel at Maliaboro street.

That night we took the chance to go around town, look for things that might be interesting. We ended up having dinner at this stall where the locals mentioned as leseran. The food was nice though. And of course very cheap! But as usual, what is a leseran if there's no entertainment right? Indonesian are very creative because of the living pressure I guess. They are the most talented human being also, they used their talent to get money. If you go to any states in Indonesia, you will see beggers, youngsters with guitar singing in the middle of a traffic light, while the public transport stop at the traffic light, they would sing a few lines of a song for money. The locals called them as pengamen. Well, that's life huh.

We planned out our journey and try to liaise it with our original itinerary, but because of timing, we had to change quite a few things. For instance, we planned to visit Borobudor & Prambanan the next day, but because we didn't book any coach, we had to push the plan to Day 4.

So here is some pictures on the first day.

Friday, December 06, 2013


Some people talk about their career over and over again, 

Some people brag about everything, even salary , eventhough they might already knew that their salary is the highest, 

Some people constantly talking about them self, even, when the topic discuss was about the other person,

Some people only observe, no talk, no laugh, only 'ahaa...',

Most of the time, people would just listen, when the other person never stops talking.

So which group you belong too? 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hey Ya'll!!

I'm back!! :D

And this is what is waiting for me for the weekend wuhuu!

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2013

Will be back to post lotsa photos of the run and most importantly, food!! yuumss :D