Monday, February 03, 2014

Getting Fit, Slim and Trim

I first started to get thinner than my old size (65kg!!!) when I had this major broken heart...anyone who have experienced broken heart know what I'm saying ;)

Kurang makan + kurang tidur + kurang happy = Thin

But it's not something that you can continue for the rest of your life. You might fall sick. During that period, I was quickly realized that I need to change something about myself and my life. So I decided to change my weight. 

My ultimate weight was at 65kg during Master Degree years. You can see the pipi, waist and thigh! Memang time tu, we ate a lot. We always eat as far as I remember. 
while presenting thesis proposal

During convocation

Lucky for me, my sister was also doing her fitness thing and I just joined her. She help me a lot with losing my weight. We started to run at the park and doing like 1-3km per session. We eat clean while avoiding and also banned a few thing: 
1. Fastfood is banned! (McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, etc for one year) 
2. Junk Food is banned!
3. Oily food reduce
4. Sugar intake reduce to the minimum
5. Lots of veggies and fruits
6. Ice blended with no whip cream, soy/low fat milk only
7. Water
8. Cook our own meal instead of eating out
9. Intensive workout to create high metabolism

For fastfood, I only had one time of KFC during breaking fast, itupun sebab I couldn't resist the planned made by my friends. Seriously, 1 time for that 1 year of intensive diet. As for junkfood, well I'm not a junk food person but biskut berkrim cokelat pon I stopped time tu. 

I started to lose weight gradually starting the first 2 months I went for run. After 1 year, I lost 8kg!! Maybe you might say eleh, sikit jee but its better to loose 8kg gradually in 1 year and maintain it rather than 10kg in 2 months and gain it back in 5-10 months later. Losing weight is also about exercising. It's not about the product you consume that promise you to loose weight in shorter period. You will gain it back if you trust only the product without eating healthy and exercise. 

YES, forget about all the products that give you fake promise. 
You just need to WORK OUT and EAT HEALTHY. 

I am now gain a couple kg from my amazing weight break through 57kg. It's okay that way because I am still eating healthy and do my regular exercise. I hope that you can do the same if you wish to loose weight. ANYONE CAN DO IT IF THEY WANT TO! :D

My goal for this year is to weight at 55kg. My waist right now is 29cm compare to I used to be at 32cm/33cm. Can I achieve my goal? YES! IF I WANT TOO!! :D

during the breakfasting gathering at KFC. I was at 57kg / 56kg this time

during flashmob training at 57kg

during makan makan hari raya 2013 at the office, i weight at 58kg /59kg

breakfasting klmuc at Seri Pacific Hotel last year, weight at 58kg / 59kg

at kraton jogjakarta, weight at 59kg / 60kg

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