Monday, February 03, 2014


Recently I've been actively involve in hiking. I first hiked the Broga Hill April last year. Since then I've been hiking few hills and mountain but not too many like the pros. Well, I'm just a newbie. hehe..

When I went to the Borneo Island, Kota Kinabalu in May last year, I have fallen in love with the Mount Kinabalu. My friend Vee, who is a Sabahan played as a host during my visit. Her husband and her brought Ida and I to all the attractions in Sabah, including Kundasang (where there lays Mount Kinabalu) and the islands, Manukan & Mamutik.

Too bad I didn't snorkel during the visits to the island. I am very much regret about it...pfftt!

But when I went to Kundasang and my eyes met the beautiful and magnificent Mount Kinabalu, I have made some sort of a promise to myself, that one day I will hike the mount. I thought it will be just like janji tinggal janji? But somehow, everything has been arranged now and I'm going to climb the mountain in May 2014, InsyaAllah.

I'm so excited. I'm going there with 3 more friends. All preparation is being made, we are intensively train for Kinabalu and prepare all the stuff to be worn there.

A few weeks ago, we went to Gunung Nuang, but because we have no experience to go further, we have decided to hike until Camp Lolo. A week after that, I went to Bukit Saga. Most probably this week will be climbing the Batu Caves stairs. It's all about body and mental fitness when it comes to hike. Mental the most important. Well, if you think you can, YOU CAN! :D

Will update more about our training soon. Below is some pictures from Gunung Nuang.

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