Saturday, February 01, 2014

Jogjakarta #2

Hello again!

So, let me continue from the previous post about my trip to Jogjakarta.

Because of some changes we've made on the first day, we decided to go to Solo by train on the second day. Mama saya berpesan, "nanti sampai sana, jangan lupa pergi ke Solo, it's an old city" Okay ma!
The journey took us about 1 hour. We bought the ticket that morning.

On the train, we met this nice Indonesian uncle. He heard us speaking in Malay and approached us as he was sitting next to us. Nak dibuatkan cerita, he used to live in Sri Iskandar for a few years and now lecture at Universitas Gadjah Mada. He stopped at one station before Solo and we bid farewell.

My mom was right, Solo is an old city. It's more of a laid back town, compare to Jogja. But because we don't have much time (as we have to catch the last train again to go back to Jogja), we only had the chanced to wondering around the nearest place to the train station. I read on the internet that the best place to get your souvenirs, batiks and gifts were from Pasar Klewer. So we went there, and we got a few items to bring home.

Pasar Klewer also near to the modern pasar where you can get same items but slightly expensive. Mahal pun tak lah mahal sangat, just a few ringgit je kot.

I managed to bring home a few prayer mat for my aunts & uncles, telekung untuk mama and baju batik Atok Syed which I really really like the design, and some snacks from the old city. We ate at one of the stall nearby, but to my disappointment, the lunch that I had was not really great.

Before we head back to the station, Fiza and I managed to stopped by at the Masjid Agung Solo or Surakarta for our Jamak prayer.

About 4 in the evening, we went back to the train station, trying to get the ticket. Unfortunately, we had to wait for 3 more hours to get the ticket for the last train! Yes, totally stranded there at the train station. We were too tired and afraid to go back to the town to kill the time, so decided to just sit back and relax at the train station. Not too long before we got bored, met a nice lady whom also heading back to Jogja, to be precised, to UGM. She's studying there and with her is 2 big box full with books that she trying to transfer to her hostel from Solo. I forgot her name, but she was excited when she learned us from Malaysia. She asked me a lot of thing! hahaa...

We managed to get the ticket and I also managed to get an Agnes Monica CD at the convenient store at the station. wuhuu! score!

Went back to the hotel with all the souvenirs at our hand !

Train Station Jogjakarta

tickets to Solo! wuu

Pasar Klewer

inside Pasar Klewer, you can find kain2 baju2 and many more!

us enjoying our bechak ride

i like this design.

digging in some cash mama's telekung

okay, so you remember that there was this time last year when the indonesian had a protest towards the miss world 2013? well behind us was a group of protester of the event..a very aman protest.

Masjid Agung Solo

Train station at Solo

This is the nice lady whom we met at the train station. She's pursuing her Master at Universitas Gadjah Mada. 


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