Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wedding + Mana Nak Cari scarf???

I have always looking forward for any wedding invitation ever since I've turned into the 3 series number. Most of my friends dah pun kahwin in either their early 20's or  late 20's, so to get a wedding invitation nowadays is sooooo hard! kesian kan I!

So, last weekend, I got the opportunity to attend a wedding of my man's 'good friend'. Ring the wedding bells! wuhuu! I had to search in my wardrobe for any baju kurung that can match his maroon baju melayu. I settled down with this black Thai Silk kurung. It was my sister's actually, she's no longer a size M (yeah, I think by now she's already an S? or was it SS??). And yours truly has been fitted into M since last year! wuhuu!

I just had to get it complete with a new scarf, and RED was my choice.  I was torn in between these two scarfs

 RM59 - from a scarf boutique at Busana Mall

RM100 from Asha Karim 

And of course, the latter scarf won my heart :D ngeeee
The scarf was from Asha Karim. Even though it was seriously over my budget, I had to say that it went beautifully well with my attire. This is called Arissa. And it was RM120 at the boutique, but it was on sale and I managed to get it for RM100. Well, boleh simpan for Hari Raya kan...(bak kata kawan I!)
The last piece at the boutique belongs to me! 

And this is me with Arissa by Asha Karim! Okay ignore je cahaya from background tu ye. So, okay kan okay kan?? :D And I just got to know that this one is from the Premium Collection. Wow! 

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