Sunday, April 06, 2014


At the moment of being told the truth, lies were unfold, she couldn't believe of everything she heard. Her heart shattered in the that split second, emotion like a roller coaster. Everything she hoped for tumbling down, she held on to her breath, looking deep inside his guilty eyes.

She suddenly laughed of the fact, being cheated again, but with more than one woman and this lie, that lie, another lie! wow!
He held her hand, tight...she cried.

Questions racing in her mind.
If you can't commit to this relationship of almost a year, then why did you start it?
If you really love me, then why did you even think of doing all those things?
Where was I when you lied to me?
What did I do to you to deserve these?
If you just not ready for me....then don't ever touched my heart!

And yet again, it's just the nature of falling in love.
It's either you make it or you're not.

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