Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jogjakarta #3

So the Jogja trip...

I managed to visit not only Solo, but also Demak and Semarang. I have decided to visit the Wali Songo Mosque (Masjid Agung Demak). It was build by the 9 wali. You may google more about it.

I'm impressed by the history.

As early as 7.30am, we were drove by Pak Supir to Semarang. It was a 2 hours journey to Semarang from Jogja. Along the journey we could see volcano, green, Indonesian lifestyle and many more. Semarang was quite a busy city. But our pit stop would be at LawangSewu and Masjid Agung Semarang. LawangSewu is a colonial building which was used as the HQ for the tram at Semarang back in those years. The building had smart architecture with better air system. However after a few years, the Japanese took over the place and they used the building as a prison. You won't believe what they did to the prisoners. I felt puke and sick when the guide told us the story.
And a few years back, that building was used to film a well known Indonesian movie called Ayat-Ayat Cinta. We got the privilege to be at the building for all the historical things it has witnessed.

Masjid Agung Semarang on the other hand is the state mosque. It should be new like 3 years of building but the condition of the exterior was far than new. Rubbish everywhere and I wish there would be some organisation take charge of it.

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