Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I celebrated my 32 birthday last 2 weeks.

YES. I am 32 years old. I am blessed. Thank you Allah. I thank You for all this remarkable thing that has happened in my 32 years life.

All that You have planned for me. I seek for Your Mercy, Ya Allah.

Please grant me the prayers I've been praying for.

And of course, I have family and friends who are very kind and generous to wish me with their prayers, love and gifts.

Eventhough I am this old...I still enjoy getting birthday gifts! hahaa...please make yourself not jealous with the pictures below :P

Night guys!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Work Your Ass Out!

When I first started to engage with the world of fitness, it was quite easy for me...maybe because I have already started to run and hike. 

It's quite exciting to learn a lot of things about fitness. So I was just like an open blank book ready to be filled. At the gym I learnt a lot about how important is weight training for a so called runner like me, what is this exercise for, what is the equipment for and etcetera etcetera. 

I don't hire a PT because its cost a lot! But I do have some PT who showed me a thing or two about fitness. And most of the time I refer to the World Wide Web. 

I have been working out now for almost a year. And I am so happy that I do this. It's not only guarantee my fitness level but also fulfill my time and train me to stay focus and achieve my goal most of the time. It is really really fun too! 

My favorite work out is of course, the BODYPUMP!

Do share with me your favorite workout too ;)

after work out. pengsan!